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If you are considering orthodontic treatment or want an idea of options, you have - you are not alone! Please use the link below to access your free virtual consultation - follow the instructions and submit your photographs. Your photographs will be analysed - a report will be generated and you will receive feedback through your email from your Orthodontist.

Having braces has made me feel so much more confident, now my teeth are perfect!

Chloe Smyth

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Why choose us

We are specialists at straightening teeth

Dr Richard Gibson is a specialist orthodontist and Consultant, with an additional five years of training, allowing him to treat more complex cases. Wallasey Orthodontics has created straight teeth for the Wirral and Liverpool communities for more than 30 years.

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Remote treatment from your smartphone

Why choose us

Remote treatment from your smartphone

Using the latest Dental Monitoring software, our specialist orthodontist will communicate with you in between appointments and be regularly updated with the movements of your teeth.

  • Fewer practice visits
  • Remote monitoring
  • Regular communication with a specialist
  • Precise results

Dental monitoring

Fees and finance

Why choose us

Fees and finance

We offer payment plans to help spread the cost over a period that suits you.

  • Cost of Invisalign® from £149 per month
  • Cost of braces – from £75 per month

Costs and payment plans

Advanced technology

Why choose us

Advanced technology

We use the latest and most advanced technology in our practice to keep us in the forefront of orthodontics.

  • Specialist scanners
  • Digital radiographs
  • Photography
  • Cutting-edge appliances
  • Paperless technology
  • Cybersecurity essential certified

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Free convenient street parking, including a disabled bay.

Environmentally mindedEnvironmentally minded

We use solar panels to reduce energy usage and keep an eye on consumables.

Support charitiesSupporter of charities

We are involved with local charities and support autism within the practice.

Discover Invisalign®

Treatment options

Get a straighter smile in as little as 3 months

Millions of people have transformed their smiles with Invisalign® clear aligners. The custom-made aligners are made using Smart Track materials, clinically proven to improve tooth movement. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign® aligners are removable, allowing you to continue your active lifestyle.

Discover Invisalign®

We also offer other treatment options such as:

I had always wanted to get my teeth straightened. I would definitely recommend Wallasey Orthodontics.
The care I was given was exemplary.

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