Here at Wallasey Orthodontics, we offer many types of braces to suit your personal needs and preferences.

Once you’ve had your free initial consultation with us, your Specialist Orthodontist could recommend any of the following types of braces or appliances for your treatment.

These are the mainstay of contemporary orthodontics but come in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes. They all involve a bracket glued to the teeth, joined together by a wire. They can be metal or ceramic (tooth-coloured) and sit on the front or back of your teeth.

Either way, they stay in for the duration of your treatment with Wallasey Orthodontics and help us precisely control the position of your teeth and bite.


After all the hard work of fitting and wearing your braces is done, retainers make sure your smile stays put.

We know through extensive research that teeth want to move throughout your life – which will happen no matter what orthodontic treatment you’ve received.

The first year out of braces is often the most important, so wearing retainers after that first year is a sensible approach to maintain your smile.

To make this transition as easy as possible, we routinely offer clear aesthetic retainers as part of all treatments, alongside fixed or bonded retainers as required.

Once your treatment with Wallasey Orthodontics is complete, we’ll invite you to join our new ACE Retainers Club, to help encourage you to protect your new smile. Find out more about our ACE Retainers Club.