Children’s braces

Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need

Here at Wallasey Orthodontic Practice we offer the complete range of orthodontic treatment, which is all evidenced based to ensure it can deliver the improvements you need.

We provide both NHS and private treatment. NHS orthodontic treatment in primary care (i.e. a practice like ours) is currently limited to patients under 18 years of age who have a determined need for treatment using the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need assessment tool, are highly motivated and have excellent dental health and hygiene.

The IOTN is the scale your orthodontist is required to use to assess if you are appropriate for orthodontic treatment:

See what the BRITISH ORTHODONTIC SOCIETY have to say about it:

However, if you find you’re not eligible for NHS treatment, or you’re interested in an aesthetic or low visibility brace, in that case we can offer you treatment privately.