Clear Ceramic Brackets

Modern smart aesthetic braces look great and work well. They are small, transparent, fully adjustable, easy to fit and easy to remove. Click here for more information on
Clear Ceramic Brackets.

Clarity™ Ceramic Braces have already been used on more than 5 million patients and are considered to be the most often used ceramic braces worldwide. For good reason: Almost no other brace system so perfectly combines the efficient impact of fixed braces with a discreet, aesthetic appearance.

Natural look

Goodbye metallic shine: Clarity™ Braces are made of transparent ceramics. So your natural tooth colour can shine through – for an unobtrusive look.

Do not discolour

No matter what you eat or drink: Unlike comparable ceramic braces Clarity™ Braces don’t discolour and don’t stain.

As efficient as metal braces

They move your teeth just as efficiently as conventional metal braces – with the special difference that they are much less noticeable.

High wearing comfort

Wellness for your teeth: Clarity™ Ceramic Braces are especially smooth, lie flat against your teeth and have a pleasantly round modelling. For extreme comfort during wear.


Not at all sensitive: Clarity™ Braces are made of particularly stable ceramics comparable to the strength of steel. So you can pursue your sports activities without fear.