Much has been said about aligners due to the fact that they are practically invisible. At Wallasey Orthodontics we use the Invisalign Clear Brace system. This treatment is about having more confidence in all aspects of life, whether that is at work or out socialising.

We have a solution which not only gives fantastic results, but is so aesthetic that your friends, family and work colleagues will hardly notice you are having treatment.

How does it work?

You are given several clear aligners that will move your teeth in stages towards their ideal alignment. They have to be worn full time but can be removed for brushing and eating, leaving you in complete control.

Invisalign moves like no other

Millions of smiles – Millions of people have transformed their smiles with Invisalign clear aligners

  • Fast – get a straighter smile in as little as 3 months with weekly aligners
  • Clear – hardly anyone will notice you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment
  • Comfortable – custom-made, smooth and comfortable to wear
  • Removable – life continues as normal – from brushing and flossing, to eating whatever you like
  • Proven – Smart Track materials used in Invisalign aligners is clinically proven to improve tooth movement

Invisalign for your Teens

Invisalign clear aligners can now shape your teen’s smile with less pain and more precision, and in as little as 6 months, if they are suitable for weekly aligner changes. They can look forward to their future with little disruption to their life.

Click here to down load the Invisalign Patient App: Invisalign App

iTero Scanning

At Wallasey Orthodontics we are the proud owners of an iTero Element Scanner which allows us to take 3-D digital impressions by scanning the mouth, which eliminates the need to pack a big wad of funny-tasting gloop in your mouth to take an impression. It’s quicker, it’s cleaner, and it’s far more accurate than traditional impressions.

iTero helps us plan out Invisalign treatments. They work seamlessly together as the iTero scanning and the Invisalign modelling technology are very similar. If you are considering Invisalign to straighten your teeth, the iTero 3-D scanner will make the process more accurate and pleasant.

Our aim is to give you the smile you have always wanted. Please contact the practice for more information.