1. Meet the Team
  2. Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson

Administrative Manager

When did you start?

Worked with the Practice since 2016.

What does your job role entail?

I bring a ‘customer focused’ approach that wins business. I work part time with the Practice and currently provides business research support to the Practice Principal and some administrative support to the Senior Manager. Part of my role is to ‘proof read’ new documentation.

What did you do for job before choosing this career?

I worked in my own business for over 30 years in Health and Social Care.

What is your super power in work?

My super power is spotting errors in documents that no one else has spotted.

What makes Wallasey Orthodontics stand out from the competition?

The level of service provided to our customers is excellent and very consistent.

What is your favourite thing about Wallasey Orthodontics?

Working with dedicated professionals who are always striving to improve what they do and working from home.