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  2. Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson

Consultant Orthodontist – Acting Chairman of the Cheshire and Merseyside Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network

When did you start?

I started in 2011 working only 1 afternoon a week. Over the next few years, I gradually increased my time at Wallasey until I bought the practice in February 2014.

What does your job role entail?

Orthodontics is a cross between engineering and surgery. I love the challenge of working out how we can help our patients and applying my knowledge and skills to achieving the best possible outcome for them. I work alongside all the team to guide the patients through their individual journey, review case progression and quality assure the process. I keep up-to-date with ongoing research and development to ensure we are offering our patients the most effective and appropriate treatment options. I try to create an environment which everyone (staff and patients) enjoys being in and foster a relationship to help us achieve the clinical excellence we demand.

What did you do for job before choosing this career?

Dentistry was my first and only career! For me it is a great balance of clinical skill, communication, research and science. We can make such a difference to people – it makes it easy to get out of bed!

What is your super power in work?

My superpower is that I pick things up fast and am open-minded enough to try new techniques and approaches.

What do you love about your job?

The interaction with my colleagues and patients and the smiles we produce!

What makes Wallasey Orthodontics stand out from the competition?

I am fortunate to have many good colleagues across the Wirral and Merseyside – a lot of whom I’ve been involved in their training. At WO we bring together a group of likeminded people who have a desire to excel. We provide an amazingly accessible service, with high levels of interaction with our patients across multiple platforms. We provide a high level of expertise and clinical skill but above all we care about the process and the support people need – not just the outcome.

What is your favourite thing about Wallasey Orthodontics?

The people!

What do you like to do when not in work?

Anything I can, as long as it’s outside! I’m very into health and wellness and also run a light therapy business. We provide red and near-infrared light – Photobiomodulation – via our Mitogen whole-body light pod. I try to do the things we were meant to do like walk, run, climb, hang, crawl and carry. I play tennis with my family, look after my mitochondria, get as much sun as possible and remember to breathe – most of the time!