1. Meet the Team
  2. Sarah Tollady

Sarah Tollady

Orthodontic Therapist

When did you start?


What does your job role entail?

Orthodontic Treatment fitting, adjusting and removal of appliances, and caring for patients

What did you do for job before choosing this career?

I worked in general dentistry?

What is your super power in work?

I enjoy all aspects of my job and also work on the practice social media creating videos? I like to think I’m a happy and positive energy within the practice.

What do you love about your job?

I thoroughly enjoy my job, I enjoy working with the patients, helping people to achieve the smile they would like! and I love continuing to learn, I find orthodontics fascinating, and something I will never lose interest in!

What makes Wallasey Orthodontics stand out from the competition?

We care about our patients and are always putting their needs first, and I believe we always work to the highest standard of treatment we can achieve, with great team work.

What is your favourite thing about Wallasey Orthodontics?

It’s a lovely working environment, with really nice patients.

What do you like to do when not in work?

When not in work I enjoy working out / exercise whether it’s a gym class / outdoor activities / sports. I also love spending time with my little boy on days out.