Your treatment journey with Wallasey Orthodontics

Your orthodontic treatment here at Wallasey Orthodontics is specialist, simple and easy. We outline what happens at your initial consultation, and during and after your braces treatment.


Step 1


At your first consultation, after taking some details from you (contact info., medical history etc), you’ll meet one of our experienced therapists.

This is your opportunity to describe what you’d like to improve with your teeth and smile. After examining the outside of your face, your teeth and jaws, your clinician will give their recommendations for treatment.

Step 2


We need to gather all the diagnostic information required to give you all your options this includes clinical photographs of your face and mouth, 3D scans with our cutting-edge iTero Digital Scanner and x-ray images to check your teeth, gums and bone health. Once we have the full picture, we can give you more detailed treatment options. We’ll cover the types of braces you’d benefit from, plus treatment length, costs and risks.

Once we have the full picture, we can give you more detailed treatment options. We’ll cover the types of braces you’d benefit from, plus treatment length, costs and risks.

Step 3

Treament planning
and consent

We will then present all the information to you to make a decision about treatment. At this stage we will sign our consent forms for treatment and make the appointments necessary to start your smile transformation.

Your treatment

Step 1

Preparing for
your brace

In most cases, your brace will be fitted over two separate appointments. Where appropriate, you may have some elastics fitted on the first occasion and, if extractions are planned, these are usually best carried out before the braces are inserted.

Step 2

your brace

  • A comfortable lip and cheek holder is used to help your clinician see your teeth clearly.
  • You can then choose the colours, and we use them to tie the wire into the squares on your teeth.
  • The brackets are precisely positioned on your teeth and a blue light is used to set the glue.
  • A small mouth hoover is used to help keep everything dry whilst sticking the squares to your teeth.

Step 3

your brace

Once your brace is fitted, we’ll need to see you every two months or so, to make any necessary adjustments to your brace, and change the colours.

If you experience any problems or have any questions between visits, you’re welcome to call the practice for some help or advice, on 0151 630 6345.

After your treatment

Step 1

your brace

Your braces will be removed by gently squeezing the metal squares to break the clear glue attaching them, so the brace comes off in one piece.

This leaves a layer of glue on the surface of the teeth, which is then polished away with a safe bur (a small drill piece) that won’t damage your teeth.

Finally, we’ll take impressions and photos to complete our information and make your bespoke retainers. This whole process will take roughly 30 minutes.

Step 2

your retainer

We’ll make sure your new retainer fits comfortably, and you can easily take it in and out.

You’ll also learn the importance of using your retainer, and how to look after it.

At this stage we’ll ask you to give us your consent once more to ensure you understand this last part of your treatment.

Step 3

Your retainer

Roughly 8 weeks later, we’ll check in with you to make sure your retainers are doing their job, and we can address any issues you might be having.

We’ll ask you in for a final review a year later to check the results. Often, we’ll take some final photographs and check the condition of your retainers. We’ll also remind you of the importance of wearing your retainers, and give you some extra information to take away with you.