Testimonials from patients at Wallasey Orthodontics

Don’t just take our word for it - take a look at the positive experience our patients have had during treatment with us here at Wallasey Orthodontics. 

Having braces helped me feel more confident and allowed me to smile without feeling embarrassed.

Syed Hoque

My braces made a difference to me. Now my teeth are straight, giving me confidence I never had.

Kyle Lynch

Fantastic result, so confident now

Lucy Wellman

I had been unhappy with my wonky and fang-like teeth since I was a teenager. Following a recommendation from a family member, I contacted Richard and the practice to see what I could do about it.

As an adult I was a little apprehensive, given treatment is typically completed at an earlier age. But I am so pleased with the results! Richard and his team were fantastic throughout the process, very conscientious and professional, making me feel more than at ease every visit.

The results are fantastic, and I have a new confidence in my smile. I can’t thank Richard and the practice enough! Thanks guys!

Joe Costello

All my life I have been ashamed of my protruding, uneven, ugly teeth. I hated my ‘overcrowded mouth’ and tried to keep it closed whenever possible. As a teenager, I wore a wire brace, which made no difference, as orthodontic technology was in its infancy at that time. I accepted the cruel jibes, developed the tight-lipped smile and took up photography to ensure I remained behind, not in front of, the lens.

Gradually over the years, I saw the teeth of my three children straightened to perfection at The Wallasey Orthodontic Practice. As teenagers, they took great care of their teeth and were so proud of their gleaming smiles. I began to wonder if it was too late for me, or if perhaps I could, after all these years, pluck up courage to do something about my teeth, my smile, my confidence.

Eventually, I made a tentative appointment to discuss possible treatment. I was so apprehensive about a waiting room full of teenagers. It wasn’t! The orthodontist did not seem to think my haphazard teeth were a lost cause at all; we discussed various options, and I agreed to treatment immediately, all the time thinking why, why, why, have I waited so long. Although the straightening process took almost two years, I noticed an immediate change after the first and second appointments and was astonished at the considerable improvement after only six months.

I wore tooth coloured ceramic appliances, so most friends and work colleagues did not even notice that I was having this treatment.

Now that my teeth are straight, easier to clean, and whiter, I never hold back the smile: I feel more confident and more relaxed. I just wish that I had been brave enough to walk through that door and make that appointment years ago