The Patient Journey

What should you expect when you come to the practice?

Initial assessment (20 minutes)

On arrival we will confirm your details and ask you to complete a medical history form (feel free to download and complete this in advance). You will meet one of our highly skilled orthodontists who will ask you how you feel about your teeth and if there are any changes you want to make with them.

We will then carry out a detailed examination looking at the outside of your face first and then concentrating on your teeth and bite. This allows us gain an understanding as to the main issues and advise you accordingly.

If treatment is deemed appropriate, then you will be invited back for us to gather more information.

Records gathering (30 minutes)

Our highly experienced and trained dental care professional will talk you through the process of collecting the necessary information for detailed decisions to be made about your individual care.

Case discussion (30 minutes)

We will discuss the current position of the teeth and how they bite together and describe how it may be possible to make changes to achieve that perfect smile. This is the time to talk through all the options for treatment and reach a point where we all agree on the way forward and the risks and benefits of this process.

We will provide you with information leaflets and take written consent for the planned treatment.

Quite often the outcome of this appointment will mean another visit to your dentist to provide a clean, some fillings or extractions to ready us for braces.

Fitting braces (30-60 minutes)

Most braces are made and fitted over 2 linked appointments arranged by reception.  “The first of those appointments is to have some elastics fitted between the back teeth and the second when the braces are fitted” (and is often the time when teeth need to be removed before – if appropriate).

Your braces are
set up away from the clinic to be as accurate as possible!

You can then choose the colours and we use them to tie the wire into the squares on your teeth

Trays that specially fit your mouth are used to stick the squares to the teeth, and a blue light is used to set the glue

A small mouth hoover is used to help keep everything dry whilst sticking the squares to your teeth

A comfortable lip and cheek holder is used to help your clinician see your teeth clearly

Adjustment appointments (30 minutes)

We will usually see you every two months to make the necessary adjustments to the brace and change the colours. If you experience any problems or have any questions before your next visit, then why not call the practice and let one of the staff help.

What happens when your braces come off?

Removing the brace – Debond (30 minutes)

The braces are removed by gently squeezing the metal squares to break the clear glue and come off in one piece. This leaves a layer of glue on the surface of the teeth which is then polished away with a safe bur that doesn’t damage your tooth. Impressions and photos are then taken to complete our information and make your bespoke retainers.

Retainer fit (15 minutes)

Retainers are fitted to make sure they are comfortable and you can insert and remove them. We will talk you through the expectations with the retainers and again sign consent for this process as well as explaining how to look after them and use them to get the most benefit.

Initial retainer review (15 minutes)

A check roughly 8 weeks after the retainers are fitted to make sure you are managing with them and that they are doing the desired job. You must let us know if there are any issues and bring the retainers with you so we can check them.

Final retainers review (15 minutes)

A final review arranged a year after the braces were removed to check the final result. Often we will take some final photographs and check the condition of the retainers and provide more information about their usefulness at this stage. At this stage we usually don’t arrange any more appointment at Wallasey Orthodontic Practice.